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PowerClass Tower Amplifiers Class – D 1ch Amplifier

RMS Power 4Ω  500 x 1
RMS Power 2Ω  1000 x 1
RMS Power 1Ω  1800 x 1
Product Description

Precision Power is proud to present the boldest alongside the most innovative generation of amplifiers, PowerClass Tower Amplifiers.

Anybody who thinks that quality was lost when the old school products died is foolishly mistaken. Anything that involves technology advances over time. Newer materials, new engineering techniques, and technology itself. PowerClass amplifiers represent what audiophile quality car audio should be. Unparalleled sound quality stems from multiple factors; top quality toroidal transformers, Sanken transistors from Japan & extremely low tolerance Wima resistors and capacitors from Germany. The preamp section is exceptionally detailed with four different crossovers; high pass, low pass, bandpass, and subsonic. To ensure that cheap or noisy input signals do not ruin the amplifier’s output, we use balanced RCA inputs for maximum clarity.

PowerClass beautiful, chiseled, vertical stance complements its heart & soul. Each amplifier is secured to its forever home by a concealed, surface mounted bracket that locks into the chassis in 3 locations. Confidently display your newest family members in almost any location, alongside a wheel well, storage cubbies, or even upside down from the ceiling if you’re into that sort of thing?


  • Sequenced Delays Eliminate Desigual Power-Up/Power-Down Pops
  • Differential RCA Inputs Isolate 12v/Audio to Ground.
  • Full Signal Path Low Noise/Distortion Circuitry Topology 
  • Output Stage Bias Individually Sequenced 
  • Stout 2 Oz. Copper Traces Effortlessly Transfer High Volume Internal, Current
  • Close Tolerance Signal Path Components <1% Wima of Germany
  • N-Channel MOSFET Transistors from Sanken of Japan
  • Volume, Low ESR Capacitance Banks Compensate Power Supply Ripple
  • Extra Low Current Drive Stange Increase Effoemcy & Sound Clarity
  • Individually Regulated Preamp/Crossover Power Supply Ensures signal Purity
  • Dimensions: 3.25″W x 8″H x 17.25″L

All together, Eliminates Ground Loops & Noise, Optimizes Sound Quality, Ensure Sound Performance…