More often than not, when companies change ownership the new owner lives on its laurels and doesn’t add value to the brand. Our mission is to lift the brand’s image beyond the expectations of the consumer. Our engineering prowess will set new standards of excellence for Precision Power.

The audio industry has changed radically over the last 20 years and profit is not a dirty word. This line will command respect from dealers and consumers alike. With new lower price points that reflect today’s realities without degrading performance is possible only by new technologies like SMT production techniques, advanced board topology, and premium grade output devices that provide best-in-class sound quality at reasonable retail prices.

With today’s new reality of keeping cars longer, gives us opportunities to integrate digital media devices into the automotive environment. Most digital devices limit the frequency response to allow earbuds optimum performance due to their sonic capabilities. Our solution is to bring full-spectrum listening back to drive time with simple integration solutions.

Precision Power was originally launched with the Sound Quality purist in mind. Now-a-day’s, SPL competitions have dominated the scene and the purest was left out of the equation. The lost art of “Sound Quality Mobile Audio” has been re-incarnated.