12″ 800w Power Class Dual 2 Ohm Subwoofer

RMS Power (watts) 800
Efficiency (1w/1m dB) 84dB
Voice Coil Configuration 2.50" DVC 2Ω
Product Description

Intriguing from the first look, the new PC subwoofers have even more to tell than what meets the naked eye… The wild looking dustcap is not just four visual pleasure, but also acts as a heatsink to extract heat from the coil gap. It is also embedded into recesses in the cone and stiffens the cone for durability and to eliminate cone flex which cases radiated noise. All in all, this subwoofer is a result of strong engineering and dedication to the competitor in all of us…

  • Composite Blend Fiber/Pulp Cone, Rigid for Extreme Conditions
  • Aluminum Heatsink Center Cap Removes Harmful Heat Build-up
  • Inverted Rubber Surround with Harsh Chemical Protection
  • PVC Rubber Trim Ring and Gasket Seals Potential Air Leaks
  • 2.5” 4-layer Dual Voice Coil Configuration for Any Application
  • 8ga. Compression Terminals Secure Wire Connections
  • Dual Poly-Cotton Suspension Maintains Velocity Control
  • Diecast Aluminum Frame w/ Powder Coat Finish
  • 170oz. Magnet Increases Dynamic Performance
  • Vented T-Yoke Backplate Improves Thermal Venting
  • Complete Recone Kits Available


Fs (hz) 29.15
Qms 5.46
Vas (ft^3) 1.38
Cms (mm/n) 0.114
Mms (g) 261.6
Rms (kg/s) 8.756
Xmax 15
Xmech 22.5
Dia (in.) 9.843
Sd (in^2) 76.09
Vd (ft^3) 0.039
Qes 0.43
Re (ohms) 3.85
Z (ohms) 4
BL 20.79
Pe (watts) 800
Qts 0.4
No 0.217
1w/1m SPL 85.43
2.8v SPL 88.02
VC DIA (IN) 2.5
VC (Ohms) DVC2
M-vd (ft^3) 0.174
Cut-out 11.13
Depth 6.375
Enclosure Recommendations PC.12
Sm Sealed 0.75
Qtc 0.689
F3 54.42
Med Sealed 1.00
Qtc 0.62
F3 55.10
Lg Sealed 1.25
Qtc 0.577
F3 56.32
Enclosure Recommendations PC.12
Sm Vented 1.75
port 4×12
Fb 38.73
F3 33.01
Med Vented 2.25
port 4×12
Fb 33.62
F3 29.03
Lg Vented 2.75
port 4×12
Fb 30.11
F3 26.3


Owner’s Manual [PDF]