Phantom Seies 13″ 200w 4-ohm Shallow Subwoofer

RMS Power (watts) 200
Efficiency (1w/1m dB) 80.82dB
Voice Coil Configuration 5.00″ SVC 4Ω


Acoustic engineers want 3 things out of a woofer: high SPL, low frequency response, and small air requirements. No woofer can be optimized for all 3, so some sacrifices always have to be be made if a woofer has a very specific design goal…

Many vehicles do not have tons of airspace available for a big, bulky enclosure. Some vehicles, like some crew-cab trucks have no space for a subwoofer. Until now… Phantom-13 is the shallowest woofer on the market! Coming in at a mere 2″ of depth, they will fit comfortably behind rear crew-cab truck seats, under many front seats, or even in a friggin’ door with some custom fabrication! While other “shallow mount” subwoofers are available, they typically require traditional airspace. Phantom-13 is 13.25″ in diameter and boasts a huge 5″ coil with inverted motor. Not only does it play well in ½ cubic foot (typical for most 8″-10″ woofers), but it reproduces more lower frequency response than most 12″ woofers with much larger enclosures.

Our engineers were willing to sacrifice a couple of dB of efficiency to bring you a truly phenomenal, application specific subwoofer. No more whining about not having a subwoofer available that will fit in virtually any vehicle!

  • Proprietary Cast Aluminum Frame
  • Inverted Motor Assembly
  • PP Coated Pressed Paper Cone
  • Polyurethane Surround
  • 2″ Mounting Depth !!!
  • 5″ Aluminum Former Voice Coil
  • Requires only .75 ft Box!
  • Semi-Circular Frame Venting
  • 12ga Direct Connect Wire Terminals
  • Polyurethane Mounting Gasket


RMS Power (watts) 200
Efficiency (1w/1m dB) 80.82dB
Voice Coil Configuration 5.00″ SVC 4Ω
Mounting Depth 2.00″
Optimum Sealed ft3 0.75
Optimum Ported ft3 N/A