Atom Series 1,000w Class D Monoblock Amplifier

Channels Monoblock
MAX Power 1,000W
RMS Power 4Ω 350 x 1
RMS Power 2Ω 500 x 1

Product Description

Atom amplifiers adopt the optimum class D performance, reliability, and footprint of the original Atom and iOn platforms. At first glance, you’ll notice several key improvements. Atom’s signal inputs, power/ground, and speaker connections are all relocated to the leading edge of the chassis, for an easier, more appealing install. All pre-amp & crossover options are conveniently located on the back side. What you might not notice are additions to the circuit board, including increased power supply & output stage components, & monoblock bridging capability. Installation of Atom amplifiers is unique, using mounting pedestal at each corner. The pedestals elevate the heatsink, improving airflow around and under the chassis. Additionally, rubber grommets under and inside each pedestal electrically isolate the amplifier chassis from the vehicle chassis, reducing the potential for ground loop noise. Available mini 4ch & monoblock Atoms are a mere 6”x6” square, while higher power 4ch and monoblock are 10″ long, and the 5ch is 13″.

  • Hybrid Aluminum Alloy Heatsink for Optimum Dissipation
  • Chassis Electrical Isolation & Air Convection Mounting Pedestals
  • 2-ohm Minimum Impedance Monoblock
  • Monoblock Bridging Capability for Double Amplifier Application
  • MOSFET Power Supply w/ Audiophile Grade IRTM Transistors
  • Military Grade SMT PCB Maintains Dynamic Performance
  • Direct Short, Thermal, & Overload Circuits Protect Amplifier
  • Quick Disconnect Power and Speaker Harness
  • 200mV-6V Low-Level RCA or High-Level Signal Input
  • Quick Disconnect High Level & RCA Wire Harness Included
  • Easy DIY Install Single Sided Terminals & Controls
  • 4g Power Input Terminals & 12g Speaker Output Terminals
  • Variable 12dB High Pass, Low Pass, & Subsonic Crossovers
  • 12dB Bass Boost Increases Low Octave Harmonics
  • Dash Mount Gain Control Module Included


ATOM A1000.1
Channels Monoblock
MAX Power 1,000W
RMS Power 4Ω 350 x 1
RMS Power 2Ω 500 x 1
Remote Gain Control Included
Dimensions: (6”w x 2.25”h) 6.00”


Owner’s Manual (PDF)